How are successful medium sized businesses run? What makes them different from the successful entrepreneurial run business?  How can you, as a successful entrepreneur, transform your business into a medium sized business with a capable board or management team?  As virtual finance directors we regularly work with owners to help transform their governance, working as a part time member of their team.  This may well be part of a plan to help you prepare your business for sale.

Financial growth picture, expressed as a plant

Many companies achieve topline growth but sadly this does not translate to more profit.  We follow this saying:

  • Turnover is vanity
  • Profit is sanity
  • Cash is king

Do you find you are working longer for little extra reward? How could things be different for your business?


We have also written our top tips on making your business more resilient, helpful in most competitive markets today.  Alternatively if your business needs a more radical turnaround have a look at our guide to managing recovery.


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Due Diligence

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Steve Z – MD

Raising Funds

Our service business employs c 2,500 people with a turnover of approximately £5Om pa.  Our experienced Virtual Finance Director, Peter was brought into the business on a part time basis to replace the previous accountant. Read More >>

Governance, Protecting your business from Fraud

How can you protect your business from fraud?

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